The end of an era!

The Lechlade Antiques fair website will be closing on 8th June.

We have already moved to

Keep an eye out, you may well be pleased!

Thank you, Andy

Watch it Matey!

Sitting Tight!

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A Slow Skep from Lechlade to Bibury!


A couple of years ago I bought a small wooden clock at The Lechalde Antiques Fair. Needed fixing and sorting a little, but as a hobby beekeeper I couldn’t resist it!

Now I have mended it and it sits in the kitchen window as I try to get it to keep time, and the dial needs improving!

Here it is…….

Did you know that Lechlade Antiques Fair has moved to Bibury!

Please look at

Thanks for looking, and hope to see you soon!  Andy.


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Lechlade begins in Bibury!

The Lechlade Antiques Fair had a change of plan last May, and we had a small rest, then we had a show in a marquee in The Trout Inn, which was a good plan, and those who did the fair enjoyed it, and we were treated very well by all there,  but the marquee had to come down for the winter, so we choose to try Bibury Village Hall. A sweet place, small, yet stylish, and the plan was set!

We had three fairs there last year, and we are due to begin again on March 5th, following in our old pattern, being the first Sunday of the month, but this year we close after our November fair, restarting in the spring I guess?

Please call into see us, and if you need to contact us, call, email, or post, here is a post box that will be for sale!

Look us up at

Thanks, Andy.


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On reflection!

Hello again!

So, after not posting much for a while, well, I thought I should try to remind people I am still here,and that the fair will return in March!

Yes! Sunday March 5th, we return to Bibury, and as our previous events, we will be open from 10am to around 4pm, weather and crowds permitting!

There has been a lot of interest in this fair so far it seems, we have had 3 fairs here so far and the news is spreading that we have great customers!

So, please come along and join us,  to make this another enjoyable event, and although a small place. well, someone said that ” Size isn’t everything!” and we do have some fabulous “bits and bobs” for sale! One will only know when one has been to see us and looked properly at the dealers stock.

It may be easy to miss a small village hall, as it’s just tucked away, close to the Church, just a few yards away from the main road through the village. If vintage, antique and collectable items are of interest to you, well pop in and say hi, it may be the years best buy! 

“Happy Hunting!”

Andy! Ps! Here is a mirror which will be for sale!


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Springing back into action!

Hello folks!

Well, it has been a  while since I posted anything, and now we will be returning to Bibury on 5th March, which I’m sure won’t be long!

There will be a good display of dealers, selling Jewellery, Glass, Pictures, Rugs, Ceramics and even a few items of furniture.

Here is an item that may well make it into the show, ask if interested  please, it’s comfy!

See you there? Bibury Village Hall, Gloucestershire. March 5th, from 10am to 4pm

All the best, Andy


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Getting ready for spring!

So, Happy New Year Folks, in case I haven’t said it before!

Just thought I’d let you know that I am still working, and here is a chair which was finished this morning, and ready for the first Bibury Fair, on 5th March, at The Village Hall. Nice colour and sheen, and although I’m not sitting on it now, quite comfy!

Open from 10am to 4pm, why not pop along to see us, there should be around 9 of us, at current bookings, so I am hoping that we can settle in to a good fair to start our year off!

Regards, Andy!



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Save a Turkey!

Hello Folks!

Well, our fair year has finished, and we shall return next year at Bibury Village Hall, most likely in MARCH!

There will also be a new website soon, so please keep in touch for that too.

We had a great fair on December 4th, and our stallholders have increased at every fair so far, so will there be more in March, why not pop along to find out?

These made me laugh, as I thought I may well be able to use them on the website, and so here they are! Sorry, I can’t remember the exact details, but I know who owns them, so call me and I can put you in touch with the owners, unless they get snapped up in the meantime!

Don’t eat them, and of course, they could be bought by vegetarians too!

Wishing everyone “Seasons Greetings!” (Sorry, just doesn’t feel cold enough to be winter, and the bulbs are above ground and my bees are still flying, frogs still on top of the pond, and Robin was caught nesting in an old tin jug on the wall yesterday!) So, Happy Santa Time to one and all!

Regards, Andy.



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More Antiques at Bibury Village Hall!

Hello folks!

Yes, weather in the early part of the week was cold and crispy, and as Bibury is nestled alongside a river, and all roads in lead downhill, maybe vintage sledges will be for sale? Ideal time of year to buy Santa a present!

So, we will be on display on Sunday December 4th, and here is a photo of a recent selection of stock from Eve, who will be with us again.

Pop along between 10 and 4 to see what we can tempt you with!

Bye for now!

All the best, and “Seasons Greetings!”



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We’re back before Santa!

Hello again!

Just to let you know that on Sunday 4th December, we shall be returning to Bibury Village Hall, for our last event of the year!

Can’t promise any reindeer, but we will have lots of sparkly goodies many suitable for the party season, and I’ll be bringing some chairs just incase anyone has extra guests, or moved house recently!

Please pop along between 10am and 4pm to see us, refreshments will be served, so something hot should be welcome as I have been told the weather is turning colder, well so it should, it’s winter!

Have a good week and see you soon?

Regards, Andy


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Fair Results

Thanks to all those people who joined us at Bibury yesterday, I was pleased with how the fair looked and the results across the board were good. Visitors from many different areas and countries were amongst us, as well as many locals, so we must be doing something right!

Our next event will be in December, I shall be bringing a few items that haven’t been out on sale before, as yesterday a dining table and a linen box went to a new home not that far away, as they carried both items!

Have a good week, it’s sunny now and I’m off to sort out a few bits and bobs! Here is a small selection of some of the jewellery that was on sale.

All the best, Andy


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